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Strip Mall talks about their new self-titled EP

July 15th, 2021

I sat down with Jack and Vinnie of Warwick party emo /sad jazz band Strip Mall to cover their start, how the band constructs their intricate songs, the experience they had recording the "Strip Mall EP", and what to expect at the release show on 7/15 at Dusk!!! (if you're listening to this in the future check the internet for some videos from the show... it was a good one and definitely did have some surprises) 

As you'll hear, I'm a big fan of these guys and definitely recommend picking up their new EP on Bandcamp or wherever you buy/stream music... or grab a CD at the show!

Includes their song "Julius Caesar" from Strip Mall EP 

// Interview recorded July 14th, 2021 via Instagram Livestream
// Intro music by Cedros
// Hosted by James Toomey //

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