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Special Edition Ep. #3 Blitzen

December 30th, 2020

For those of you that may not be familiar with Blitzen... they are a band of reindeer that seem to magically appear every holiday season to play the Wayward Christmas event at The Parlour. In our conversation we cover some of their inspirations, the charity they're involved in and some of the others bands they've played in such as Reindeer Tick (their members have also been in Deers For Fears, Infectious Hooves and What Deer? Brigade)

Also included is the song "Christmas Eve" by Blitzen

This bonus episode was originally part of the Wayward Christmas 2020 virtual event to help raise funds to Save The Parlour. Please consider making a donation HERE


Watch the video version of this interview HERE


// Interview recorded December 12th, 2020 via Zoom
// Intro music by Cedros
// Hosted by James Toomey
// Edited by Mark Lambert & James Toomey //

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