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Sound Advice with Mark Taber

August 26th, 2021

Mark Taber shares some very practical advice on how to be a better musician and a better bandmate, as well as what he feels the overall approach should be toward creating art and music

And, as Mark talked about in the full episode, Tombstone was known for their powerful live shows - playing anywhere from small bars to big arenas - which helped lead them to major label record deals. So what I have for you at the end of this mini-episode is a 1987 performance of Ken Lyon and the Tombstone Blues Band live from the Blue Pelican in Newport. The song is "Brownsville" and this was originally broadcast on WOTB radio. Enjoy! 


// Interview recorded August 3rd, 2021 at Lippitt Park in Providence 
// Intro music by Cedros
// Hosted by James Toomey //

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