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Ep. 28 Gail Greenwood (Belly, Benny Sizzler, L7, Boneyard, The Dames, Bif Naked)

December 10th, 2020

In our interview Gail Greenwood discusses her start at some local clubs in Providence with her band The Dames, as well as the unique practice spot Boneyard had, the serendipitous way she joined Belly, some of the logistics of playing in L7, and why her latest band, Benny Sizzler, got it's start. We cover a lot of things like such writing, recording and touring with these bands, and the long list of incredible artists she has shared the stage with!

Interlude song order:

The Dames live at Rocket Feb. 7th, 1987 (audio credit: Dream Authority Music)

"Toys Are For Boys" by Boneyard

"King" by Belly

"Stick To The Plan" by L7

"Rhode Island Dead" by Benny Sizzler

"Shiny One" by Belly


// Interview recorded November 16th, 2020 via Zoom
// Intro music by Cedros
// Hosted by James Toomey //

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