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Ep. 27 Lewis Morris (rapper, beat maker, producer)

November 19th, 2020

Hip hop artist, producer and prolific beat maker, Lewis Morris, is the guest on this episode where we talk about how his move from poetry to rap came about and his experience recording at B08 Studios in Pawtucket for this latest album "Don't Be Nice"... which came out earlier this year and is fantastic!!! Plus, we cover the list of collaborations he's built during his career and we get into the therapeutic value of music.

Interlude song order:

"A Definition" from his beat tape Dope Songs Of Dopeness

" Epiphany (feat. Paul Willis & Streia)" from his album Alive

"Chasing Echoes (feat. Sly Quixote)" from his album Don't Be Nice

"What's That Smell- (Mt. Pleasant)" from his beat tape Smash: A Dedication to Providence

"Godzilla On A Leash (feat. SeanDizzyBlade & Drent)" from his album Don't Be Nice

"Mantra" from his album Don't Be Nice


// Interview recorded October 12th, 2020 via Zoom
// Intro music by Cedros
// Hosted by James Toomey //

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