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Ep. 23 Ben Barnett (Dropdead, Armageddon Label + Shop)

August 13th, 2020

For this episode I spoke with is Ben Barnett from the band Dropdead. He is also known for running Armageddon Label and Armageddon Shop which has locations both here in Providence and in Boston.

In our interview Ben takes us through Dropdead's discography up to the new LP that's scheduled to be released next month.

We talked about the early days and evolution of Dropdead, recording with Kurt Ballou from Converge, the re-releases Ben's been working on, and what's he's been up to in general with the label and shop.

One thing I really liked about my conversation with Ben was his recognition of the Providence scene and how playing with a variety of different bands and sharing tips with each other early on really helped move Dropdead along to the internationally-known touring band they are today

Song interlude order:

  • "Wound Runs Deep" from Demo 1991
  • "You Have A Voice" from Self Titled 1993
  • "Justify Your Violence" from Self Titled 1998
  • "Prelude" from Self Titled 2020
  • "Nothing Remains" from Self Titled 2020

Interview recorded August 1st, 2020 via Zoom
Intro music by Cedros
Hosted by James Toomey 

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